Company profile
At The U.K. Asset Company our objective is to provide clarity on what is often regarded as a complicated market. We deliver an unrivalled approach to client care and pride ourselves on delivering a personalised attentive service.
Our experienced team of professional advisers has a proven track record within the Alternative Asset Market. Each and every one of our team is fully equipped and trained to maximise usage of the very latest available analytical technological props and is able to tap into their network of insider knowledge on today’s fast-moving and extremely competitive marketplace.
We believe that our success is a result of the pairing of the experience of our senior executives and advisers with a younger, dynamic team of highly-trained professionals. This winning combination gives us the required balance to achieve reliable, measured risks to maximise our clients’ ROI and resulting peace of mind.
With continuing global economic uncertainty and the renewed instability of traditional investment vehicles clients have been forced to change their approach to the way they manage their wealth. The U.K. Asset Company is ideally positioned to suggest the most lucrative asset classes within the Alternative Asset sector.
The U.K. Asset Company is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and does not offer any personal financial advice.
The U.K. Asset Company
Introducers to High Quality Alternative Assets.
The U.K. Asset Company was formed by a select team of London-trained experts in the field of Alternative Assets, as a positive response to fundamental changes within the global investment industry and to widespread dissatisfaction with the performance of traditional investment products following the 2008 financial meltdown.
With the continuing instability of the traditional investment markets and global economic uncertainty in general, we have all been forced to change our approach to the way we manage wealth.
By capitalising on the broad skill spectrum and wide knowledge base of our experienced team we have promoted an evolving portfolio of solid and exciting alternative investment opportunities that offer the kinds of return that are now so elusive in products falling within traditional investment asset classes. Of course, our portfolio of companies we promote is constantly updated, as we are always scouring the alternative market to ensure our Customers have access to our Corporate Clients products on the market at any given time.
We are experienced introducing agents. Our extensive network of contacts combined with our experience in this complex market means we are ideally positioned to introduce our Customers to some of the most attractive alternative investment products within the alternative assets sector. Exceptional Corporate Client and Customer care is key to our success, and our promotors pride themselves on their long-standing relationships with Customers and Corporate Clients alike.
We only introduce Customers (investors) to companies who use the services of U.K. regulated Asset Clearing services or U.K. licensed Escrow Agents using U.K. Banking facilities. We only work with trusted professionals. Our Corporate Clients offerings and products are all subject of stringent due diligence processes, and our partners are all leaders in their respective fields.
Our key principles are the driver of everything we do:
To identify and promote opportunities for our Customers that should see them enjoy potential capital growth where applicable and high incomes where designed.
To ensure we are always ahead of the Market, providing innovative Alternative Investment solutions to our Corporate Clients funding requirements, and Investment opportunities for our Customers that are not generally available elsewhere.
To provide an outstanding, stress-free service experience for our Customers, with ongoing support from initial contact through to, if applicable, eventual investment.
What we do for our customers
Continually delivering well performing Alternative Investment products. Here to guide you every step of the way
We are experienced introducing agents. We do not give advice, we ensure that you (our Customer) have access to some of the highest-performing products on the market at any given time, guiding you through the investment process, and always on hand to provide support and answer any questions you may have.
How do we do it?
Our extensive network of contacts combined with our experience in this complex market means we are ideally positioned to introduce our Customers to some of the most attractive products within the alternative asset sector. We use our contacts, professional advisors, knowledge and skills to regularly scrutinise available assets to ensure that Customers have access to a range of well performing opportunities.
We make it our mission to ensure that Investors (our customers) are happy with the entire investment experience, and our aftercare service means you will always have access to your personal contact should you want to talk anything through, even after your transaction has completed.
Customer care
Our business is customer services focused and we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer care.
To ensure we can continue to provide exceptional levels of customer satisfaction, we tailor our service parameters to the needs of our customers as a whole.
Our customers like to know who they are dealing with on a day to day basis, and need to be confident that their personal representative has a firm grasp of the way a customer prefers to conduct their investment business. This extends beyond the intricate commercial specifics of a specific Corporate Clients offering to the more mundane matters such as how often and via which medium a customer likes to be contacted. We listen to our customers and we strive to deliver on our customers requests.
We are firmly committed to the FCA´s principle of Treating Customers Fairly – or TFC, and so seek to operate with integrity and transparency throughout each and every transaction a customer makes. We always suggest that our customers should perform their own due diligence on an investment opportunity, refer to our Corporate Clients risk warnings within their documentation, and where necessary consult an Independent Financial Adviser.
Our customers can be reassured that we only work with regulated, established, reputable and qualified lawyers, fully licensed Escrow and Clearing Agents and British banking institutions.
Customer Relationship
Laying the strongest foundations for long-lasting, successful relationships between our customer and their representative.


  • pride ourselves on our long-term relationships with our customers
  • want to keep customers happy so that you keep coming back to us
  • know that if we don’t deliver our best results on your first investment we won’t get any repeat business from you
Our ultimate goal is for you to be able to create a high-performing and well-balanced portfolio of Alternative Assets that works hard and delivers results for you. Our interests are firmly aligned with yours as they are aligned with our Corporate Clients. We will never suggest that you proceed with further Alternative Asset purchases with us unless you are fully content with the first investment you entered into on our introduction.
The service we provide does not end at your purchase. A member of our team is always on hand to offer assistance and answer any questions you may have, at any stage in the transaction. We are also able to assist you establish what your options might be should you wish to sell some or all of your Alternative Assets at a later date. That said – our Corporate Clients debt products tend to be designed to run for the full length of the Offer.
We welcome feedback on your customer experience and how we can improve it. As part of our commitment to ongoing support, you customers can be added to our monthly bulletin so that we can keep you informed on the latest developments in our alternative asset market place.